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Stop Drop & LOL

By: Jake Turx

Jake Turx is chief political correspondent for Ami Magazine he has conducted interviews with dozens of US senators, governors, congressmen and presidential candidates. He recently had the honor to interview the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen.

Disclaimer to end all disclaimers:

This book does not contain every possible disclaimer. You’ve been warned.

Caution: Do not judge book by other side.

Notice: Introduction sold separately.

Warning: Do not use book as a public telephone.

Notice: Do not read this book if you cannot read.

Missing cat! Return to Schrödinger, dead or alive!

Notice to residents of the United States:

Federal law requires that we post this notice on each copy of this book entitled Stop, Drop, and LOL. If you notice a book that’s missing this notice, please call and notify us at once. you may be eligible for a cash reward!! (The number to call appears on the bottom of each notice.)

Notice: If you’ve purchased this cover without the book, assume that someone else has the funny material that you paid for and is literally laughing at your expense right now.

Beware: If it’s so dark that you can’t read this warning, your shin is about to make contact with something sharp.

Danger: Never read the fine print. If there was anything in it that’s good for you they would have printed in huge letters.

Inside: Complete Guide on How to Burn Books [Caution: Do not dispose of this book in fire.]

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Explore our great Collection

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