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Chanie of Wyoming

By: Ella Verzov & Chana Oirechman

Hi! My name is Chanie and I'm six years old.

I live out West in a picturesque town nestled in a valley, surrounded by tall mountains. From the windows in our house you can see cowboys riding their horses, leading their cattle to graze. And when we go out hiking, we have to remember to take along our bear spray, in case we bump into a bear!

Today we're going on a trip to the park with Camp Gan Yisrael, Where we're celebrating Abby's Jewish birthday. She's turning six!

Chanie of Wyoming is the ninth book in the Young Lamplighters series. These books allow young readers to peek into the lives of the boys and girls form all around the globe. They will meet children who, together with their, are trying to help Jews learn more about their heritage.

 Via these first- person accounts, readers will visit the most fascinating places. They will be drawn int othese children's lives as they learn all about the cities and countries in which they live. 

Fascinting facts and interesting descriptions alongside authentic professional photographs are included throughout the book These stories will broaden horizons while demonstrating the art of giving and caring for your fellow Jews.

Come join Chanie's adventures as we watch her travel through her day in Wyoming. Watch the role she happily fulfills as a busy young outreach worker.

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Explore our great Collection

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