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By: Moshe Hillel Shepherd

When Shmuli Shepherd was diagnosed with a rare, virulent form of cancer right after his bar mitzvah, the universe trembled.

That's because Shmuli was no ordinary boy. His family knew it, his friends knew it, and even his community knew it. Shmuli's thirst for Torah and concern for others were truly remarkable for his young age.

When the news hit, the effect it had on his family was understandable. What was astonishing was the way it affected his entire Gateshead community. As Shmuli -- now Chaim Shmuli -- grew ever stronger in his trust of Hashem and his simchas hachaim, his entire community -- as well as people on other continents -- grew with him.

Read about Chaim Shmuli's incredible spiritual journey, and discover the unstoppable potential each of us has to affect the world around us ....

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Explore our great Collection

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