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Wings of Faith

By: Rabbi Yosef Tropper

A delicate dove was dragging his feet through life, feeling bad about himself and his problems. One day he met an older bird and began sharing his woes. The older bird said, " That sounds really awful, but why don't you just fly?" "How?" asked the bewildered dove. "Use your wings!" exclaimed the older bird. "Haven't you ever noticed those feathers and bones attached to your body!? Just flap them and you will soar above it all!"

When we go through life feeling bad about our challenges, we must remember that we have powerful wings. We have Wings of Faith that will carry us wherever we need to go. If you try to walk to a far destination on your own you will never be able to make it. But with wings of bitachon, you will soar with ease and arrive exactly how and where you need to be.

Every Jew is born with wings: Wings of Faith. Every Jew can fly. (Excerpt from Essay 28)

This work is a full elucidation of Shaar Habitachon spiced with powerful lessons and stories that bring bitachon to life in a most practical way.

Rabbi Asher Zelig Rubenstein, zt"l was the rosh yeshiva of Toras Simcha in Yerushalayim and a marbitz Torah for over four decades.

Rabbi Yosef Tropper is the author of several books and a lifelong talmid of Rav Asher zt"l.

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Explore our great Collection

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