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Inspired Parenting with a Touch of Jewish Wisdom

By: Avi Shulman

Avi Shulman is a keen observer of people and situations, the phenomena that make life pleasant and exciting, and the foibles that complicate things. He avoids the abstract and unrealistic, and zeroes in on the possible and workable. Peruse a chapter and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed to see how much wisdom he can fit into just a few paragraphs. This is a book you’ll quote, use, and love. Reviews: Avi Shulman, a veteran educator and life coach, has managed to distill his timeless wisdom and decades of experience into one easy-to-read volume. Jammed with practical advice, Inspired Parenting reads like a manual for raising emotionally and spiritually healthy children. It lays a foundation for parenting by spelling out what it is that we want for our children – and builds from there. Parents with children of any age will gain immeasurably from reading and re-reading Inspired Parenting. --Rabbi Eli Gewirtz, LCSW Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Mr. Shulman has the rare ability to teach wisdom. I encourage you to read [his 1987 book] Nurturing Personal Growth. You will find it beneficial in hundreds of situations that relate to your life, your family, and your career. --David Joseph Schwartz, Ph.D. Author, The Magic of Thinking Big

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Explore our great Collection

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